Seagulls - the New Public Enemy in the United Kingdom

Seagulls are an integral part of any seaside scenery that people tend to not even observe them. Some feed them, others try to avoid them, but they are a necessary backdrop for the sea shore. But not in the UK - here, seagulls are becoming the number one public enemy, stealing food from walkers-by, attacking pets and even people. In a recent attack in late July, a seagull has performed two dive-bomb attacks on a 66 year old lady, leaving her with a major wound on her head. Is Hitchcock's famous "Birds" becoming reality?

Seagulls are a protected species in the UK. Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981 it is against the law to injure any species of gull or damage an active nest. The recent attacks have most likely been unprovoked, and some of them were surely accidents - like the case of the four year old James Bryce, who was eating a sausage roll during a family holiday in St. Ives, but a hungry gull almost left with his finger. But some attacks happen under much more inexplicable circumstances - like the above mentioned incident with the old lady, or the attack which left a Yorkie lifeless in Cornwall.

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According to bird protection groups, one of the possible reasons for the coastal gulls of the UK to get this aggressive is the change in their environment. The coastal gull population in the UK has declined by over half in the last three decades, which can be one of the reasons why they become more aggressive. The other possible reason is the lack of food, which makes the gulls even more vicious. "Five years ago if a seagull swooped for food it would have been a ‘wow’ moment, now it’s happening every five minutes and is more malicious," Alex Bryce, James' father told The Mirror.

Residents of the coastal areas in the UK affected by the seagulls misbehaving have repeatedly called for culling the birds, arguing that this would reduce the chances of people and animals being injured by the animal attacks. But authorities are clearly against such a move - they blame the people for feeding the gulls, making them dependent on the food they share instead of leaving them feed in their natural ways. The issue has become so pressing that UK prime minister David Cameron is willing to have a "big discussion" about the gulls at a National Gull Summit which will bring together academics, government representatives and experts from the wildlife sector.

Until then... let's hope the gull attacks don't expand over other coastal areas of the world.

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